Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Breaking News: Brown Hair is Supa Cool

Today on a certain celebrity news/entertainment program the hosts spent a good ten minutes discussing the new color of Ashlee Simpson's hair. They first showed a picture of her with the gothy black hair we loved to hate from last year. Then a close-up of her with the blonde hair of four months ago. Serious frowns and head shakes from the hosts. But their faces were promptly lit up again by the picture of Ash with - gasp! - brown hair. "It's so young, it's so hip, it's so...Jen's so..LA...RIGHT NOW." My roomie and I looked at each other with joy and gave a high five. Apparently, without really trying, mostly because we couldn't afford more highlights, we're very hip. And very Jen Aniston. Right. Now.


  1. Am I the only one concerned that she's wearing my grandmother's curtain?

    Grandma!?! Are you getting too much sun? I'll pull the fan twice so it cools down.

  2. Looks like Papa Joe is one chinlift away from getting twin daughters. Is Ash banging HER hairdresser too?


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