Friday, August 11, 2006

Heidi Klum Should be Careful

I'm pretty sure that Elle McPherson is looking at this 24/7 and making fat, ugly Heidi Klum voodoo dolls. I have to admit I didn't really know that Elle McPherson held the real title of "The Body" until all these Victoria Secret commercials started popping up and straight guys everywhere began to protest. This piqued my interest and thus began a thorough, and quite informative, Internet research mission. Sites everywhere - including the illustrious - recognized the Australian hottie as the undisputed "Body." I even found that pretty awesome image shown above. Heidi! What were you thinking? This is serious business! You could probably claim that something was lost in translation, as your current command of the English language forces Project Runway editors to spend countless hours dubbing over your monologues. But still. I have to say - on behalf of the real Body and injustices worldwide - I'm more than a little bit disappointed in you. Auf Wiedersehen, Klum.

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  1. I confess that I didn't realize that models had voices, but the glad to hear the ripoff of "The Body" being acknowledge.

    Its probably outside of the stuff that normally gets tracked amongst the shimmer using, celeb watching set - but this sort of thing occasionally happens in the world of sports. Athletes are then ridiculed mercilessly for trying to rip-off previous version 1.0's of their moniker... but really - the ultimate decider of who gets to keep the nickname is who was the better player. Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson was better than the original Antoine "Big Dog" Carr (except from a wearing sunglasses while playing standpoint which is def worth the image search) - so Glenn got to keep his handle. The possible exception to this is if enough time goes by that the only people who care enough to protest are all in a retirement home e.g. "Sugar" Ray Robinson (prob the greatest boxer ever) having his named ganked by "Sugar" Ray Leonard (prob the greatest coke-head boxer ever).

    Not sure if there are parallels in the other entertainment / fashion / Hollywood worlds...

    Stealing a movie's plot and calling it a new movie? Witness: "The Hunted" jacking "Rambo"? Thankfully can't think of a chick flick equivalent.

    Maybe the three-word named chicks of the 80's fighting it out for most memorable long-named actress? Jennifer Jason Leigh, et al.

    Tough for me to tie this one back to girly stuff, so prolly just going to go have some black coffee to wake me up after checking a blog that just praised a shimmer stick. :-)


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