Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mr. Frosty

As someone who admittedly spends much of her free time watching TLC's What Not to Wear - American version only, preferably on DVR - I am quite familiar with the rules and regulations of their makeover formula. Carmindy, the makeup artist, is so obsessed with one of them, even my boyfriend can recite it from memory. "Just add a little white shimmer to the corners of your eyes and arch of the brow to brighten and open them up." I can hear it in my sleep. Usually I'm quick to welcome these tips into my life, but for some reason I never want to listen to what this chick has to say. She hasn't updated her look maybe ever, she's beholden to pancake foundation, and she can't quite accept the fact that she's not 22 anymore.

So, it took me too long to discover the product pictured above. Made by Benefit, Mr. Frosty is truly awesome. A little pricey perhaps - 18 bucks - but very much worth it. It's a cute little pencil, with a smooth and creamy application. You can apply just a little to the corners of your eyes to make them pop or be a little sassier and apply to your lids. (But please don't go crazy - you start to look like an alien after too many swipes.) When you're feeling sleepy and don't have any time for much else - pretty much everyday for me - you just smooth a little of this shimmer on and you're lookin' perky. I've read complaints that it doesn't stay on throughout the day, but I beg to differ. It's long lasting, fun to play with, and drops at least a couple years off your face. No wonder Carmindy loves it.

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