Friday, August 25, 2006

The Supernatural

The combination of moving to LA and an impending 25th birthday in 6 short months - gulp - has created a new type of worry: scary football skin. I refuse to bake my face and then Botox it later, the popular choice out here, because I’m afraid of foreheads that can’t move. Since I communicate 87% by facial expressions, I’ve got to preserve what I have.

Here, the sun doesn’t go away even when you want it to. I will certainly miss those monsoon days in Boston when I could watch Made marathons and eat Nutella on toast guilt-free, but it's time for a new routine. I read a beauty column a few weeks ago that told me if I’m old enough to even think about wrinkles, then I should have started using anti-aging products yesterday. Oy.

And so, I began a search for the perfect sunscreen. I figure applying it will have to be like brushing my teeth or breathing, so I better enjoy the stuff.

My first attempt - found at Sephora, aka heaven - is made by Philosophy (a delicious company), comes in a satisfying little package called “The Supernatural”, and provides an SPF of 15. I’ve never experienced anything like it. A little squeeze produces a light peach puff, the color of that grainy toothpaste your dentist uses. It’s very soft and dry, and strangely springy, like liquid rubber; it's pretty much a Halloween mask in a tube. This effect, apparently, is due to a “high density silicone formula” that adds extra protection and covers up pores and fine lines. I always enjoy a two-for-one, and this little number can definitely be used as both foundation (the tint is flattering and subtle) and sunscreen.

An interesting product, but I’m not a convert just yet; the texture is a tad creepy and matte coverage (even though it’s very light) is not my first choice. I’ll finish the tube, but won't be sad to continue the hunt.


  1. RHM

    Us guys are lucky, wrinkles give us character, so I guess I need to move to LA to get more - squint all the time and get some good crows feet.

  2. christie3:16 PM

    Soft, dry AND springy? Scary! I'll stick to my Cetaphil, thank you very much!

  3. lauren3:38 PM

    yeah, i'm a simple girl. cetaphil suits me just fine... but that sounds like quite an adventure, amy.. i want to know about mascaras. can you cover mascaras available at sephora? yes, that's right your fans are now making requests...

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