Monday, August 21, 2006

To Be or Not To Be: The Formal Short

While I was still living on the East Coast, the debate in my head over whether or not to purchase formal shorts was not a heated one. I'd think it over every couple days, changing my mind frequently depending on presented evidence. Jennifer Aniston on Letterman was definitely a point in favor of them, but then the girls at Go Fug Yourself would come up with some stellar example of poor usage (often involving Hilary Duff) and I'd be done again.

But now that I'm living in LA, I don't really feel like it's an option anymore; I feel like owning formal shorts is akin to owning underwear, and I'm a freak if I don't. But what if I run into the GFY girls while I'm out? I can't very well tell them I'm in lurve if I'm rocking a look they hate. That's like the mulleted, pleated-panter telling Stacy and Clinton, with a straight face, that he's their "biggest fan!" It just doesn't work. And what if when I finally buy them, the trend is suddenly over, and I'm left holding a pair of satin hot pants in sad confusion?

Please advise.


  1. At the Z-list celeb dinner I was apprised of the trend for the first time...

    I'll say that it did catch me off guard... but in the same way that the chicken + waffle combo catches you off guard. A

    t first you think it's weird... but upon close inspection - you know there's something innately workable about the combination of two independently solid variables. Short shorts. Formal wear. Chicken. Waffles.

    Regardless of how bad they are for you in the long term... sure does feel right for right now.

  2. no. formal skirt. casual skirt. casual shorts. NO FORMAL SHORTS. do not succumb. the cow doesn't know about the history of the short-short the way i do. i say, go with your gut, miss mouth. just say no to hot pants.

  3. for the love of god, please don' thing you know cc will be telling you to get those Hillary Duff horse teeth too...

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