Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vitamin Water Don't Like No Fatties

As I quickly down my (second) Vitamin Water of the day, I try to envision what flavor our good friend, and American Idol Season One winner, Kelly Clarkson will promote. To start with, I'm not really sure how she got the endorsement. The only other celebrity who has sung my favorite beverage's praises was 50 Cent. His flavor was (I'm fairly certain it's not around anymore) called Formula 50 and pretty delicious. It was very grapey and gave you 50% of all sorts of things you didn't even know you needed. Admittedly, 50 Cent wasn't the first person that came to mind either when I thought about Vitamin Water, but apparently he really dug the stuff and asked for his own flavor. I don't think the peeps over at corporate VW wanted to worry about the repercussions of saying "no" to Fi'ty and thus, his Formula was born.

Kelly Clarkson though? What sort of power does she hold? She sings a mean Aretha, "Since You've Been Gone" was a pretty kickin' tune, and I enjoy her real girl image - but I'm just not convinced she has the power to sell product. Now, the sad thing about all this is the rumor that VW execs want her to drop some poundage before she is granted a flavor. I'm kind of torn on this. As I said, I appreciate the fact that she doesn't look like this, but I do agree that it probably wouldn't hurt her to take a yoga class or three. Either way, I'm highly anticipating the addition of Kelly Green Tea, or whatever it will be called, to my VW rotation.


  1. Her fingers look like sausages...she should be Don King-ing Blizzards at McD's.....I think Vitamin Water tastes like crap anyway...

  2. I'm not sure about the mixed metaphor on the Blizzards / McD front - everyone knows Blizzards brew in DQ country,...but do agree with Fizz's sentiments. Girl has ham hands, not to mention most her outfits make her look like "two pigs are fighting under a blanket" trying to get out of them. (apologies to Weezy)

    So - VW does sound pretty good right now, but I'd be much happier if they came up with the 3x caffeine version that cut the holistic crap and just gave us the good stuff.

  3. i find this funny that they want he to shave off a few lbs... i mean vw is very delicious, but it has lots of sugar in it... and jfizzle... it's mcflurries at mcdonalds and blizzards at dairy queen... just for point of reference.


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