Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yum No?

First of all, what is that picture? Why was it taken? To haunt me?

Whoever is in charge of handling Rachael Ray needs to be fired. Have they never heard of overexposure? Did they not see the trainwreck that was Ben Affleck's career? I don't know why, but I find myself discussing her more than a person probably should. For example, here's a conversation I had with my friend Matt today, when we should have been working:

Matt: "I hate Rachael Ray, but can't stop watching."

Me: "Oh, you can't stop once you start. Don't even try."

Matt: "She's just soooo...common."

Me: "Quite true."

Look at all the valuable time she's taking up in my life! But I still sort of love her? Her enthusiasm defies gravity and I can never quite figure out why she's wearing high-waisted black denim. It's like a little puzzle I try to solve each time I watch. I'm not sure if her giggle is infectious or noxious, but I most definitely lurve it when she says: "yum-OH!" It...can't be described. And you know what? She taught me how to make a mean porkchop, and my boyfriend thanks her for that.


  1. That look like a black bra to me, is she cooking in rural Georgia?

  2. this is the scarriest picture ever! look at that grotesque smile... it's as if she is going to bite me... and the way she's standing? she is hunched over like a lower primate. is this suppossed to be sexy? i mean i'm gay... but i KNOW that for a man to be attracted to this he would have to have been in prison for 10 to 15... or with the iq of corky thatcher.

  3. christie6:04 PM

    Rachael Ray posing for FHM? Uh uh. Not okay. I'm scratching my head...

  4. Google image searching the remainder of the Rachel Ray FHM pictures was the worst semi-intentional self-abuse I've inflicted since getting sucked into an article on Axl Rose's comeback.

    Not a proud moment.


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