Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Britney's Baby (One More Time)

Everyone's favorite train wreck delivered a baby boy early this morning. No one's reporting on a name yet, and I'm not letting myself get excited about the possiblities. Although she's lost her mind in most other ways, in terms of naming, Brit has remained true to her "country" roots and stuck to the basics. But maybe, we can only hope, she envies those A-listers with their Apples and Hazels and Suris and Shilohs and Moses(es?) and will choose something that puts a little bounce in my step. Frappucino? Scrunchie? Cheeto? The world is her oyster.


  1. Well, unfortunately a great pairing of names is already out of the question. In the spirit of "Walker" and "Texas Ranger", Britney's offsprings' sky was the limit.

    "Chicken" and "Waffles"
    "Pepsi" and "Peanuts"
    "Blue" and "Eyeshadow"

    What a shame.

  2. ahahahaha my vote is for scrunci.

  3. christie1:04 PM

    Cheeto!!! Yum! Craving a cheeto now... Why am I hungry all the time?


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