Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hugs and Milkshakes

You know those defining moments with a new friend when you know it's either thumbs up or all down hill from here? I had one of those with my new roommate last night when I invited her to a movie premiere event the magazine hooked me up with. It was for a documentary about this crazy Indian woman (okay, and saint) named Ammah, who hugs everyone. The movie was made by these French dudes who barely spoke English, but found it appropriate to stand before us all and give a big speech about the film. My roommate and I sat in stony silence. The movie began, and at first it was sort of interesting. Disturbing, but interesting. But after an hour and a half of the same fugging hugging scene, all I could think about was finding a bathroom, a cheeseburger, and my bed, in that order. She and I kept sneaking looks at each other to see what the other thought, but no one was giving it up. What if the other one was all about India (like I used to be), all about the hugs?

It wasn't until the very end, when we were forced to sit through 20 minutes of French credits in complete darkness, when we gripped each other's arms in shared despair, that we knew we were on the same page. When we started giggling it was all over; we couldn't stop. People stared, people judged, but the dam had been broken.

We finally escaped the whole affair and ran down Hollywood Boulevard to her car and our freedom. We agreed this had been a crucial test and we had both passed. The deal was further sealed when we shouted "Milkshake!" in almost perfect unison as we spotted McDonald's. Ah, bliss.


  1. Trevor5:42 PM

    Oolala French movies and milkshakes

  2. Remember when I passed the test and gripped your arm over TA and we yelled about Will Smith and west campus? Glorious memories...

  3. This deserves an award - it covers all there is in a friendship!!

  4. christie11:15 AM

    Dang! A milkshake? Now I want a milkshake! Something about your blog makes me very, very hungry.

    For some reason, this entry reminds me of the famous, "I'm sorry, but I have to look" episode. I have no idea why...

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