Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blush: I Wish I Needed It

The title pretty much says it all.

Most women have one type of makeup they refuse to leave the house without. For my grandmother it's lipstick. For my mother it's blush. Growing up, blush was the only makeup I ever saw her religiously apply before facing the wilds of small town Massachusetts. So to me, blush = necessary to grownuphood. The little brush and the little mirror and the chalky smell and the swirly circular application that must be finessed - such a complex little universe! But sadly, unless something is terribly wrong with my health or sleep, I tend to look a bit like Mary Poppins.

At summer camp, this fellow Mean Girl and I once read another camper's diary. I know, I know. But I'm sure we had a really good reason. On one of the pages she listed everyone in the cabin with a quick description following their name. "Heidi: Funny. Jess: Quiet. Amy: Rosy cheeks." That's it?! That's all I got? La-ame.

I've tried many times to deny the truth of the matter. I read beauty blogs about blush and ask other people what they use. I try to figure out if I have cool or warm undertones to match the shade to my skin. I apply powder to my face to make it paler so then I can make my cheeks pink on top of it. Pathetic.

Recently, I bought the blush I've spent hours reading about, a Nars blush called Orgasm, aptly named for the lovely fresh-faced glow I imagine it gives the user. I like to open the container, barely touch the brush into it and swirl it onto my cheeks just to make me feel all growed up. But this won't cut it long term, so I'm working up a pitch for Nars or Almay or - lawd - even Wet 'n Wild if they'll take it: a blush that looks pink but goes on clear, with tiny mirror, little cute brush, and chalky smell intact. Kind of the equivalent of candy lipstick, but without the calories. Brills.


  1. sharon7:23 PM

    So should I get this blush? Because I'm looking for a really good one and I'm tired of the dollar store brand. Also, I love your rosy cheeks. So jealous.

  2. christie3:23 PM

    I had a mishap with bronzer at an Arbonne party this week. It is just too traumatizing to even write about...

  3. Your cheeks are what blush is trying to achieve. Go to something else, this is solved.

  4. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I' m currently blogging for the sake of a (poor) living instead of someone else... but I like it. You' ve inspired me to coop up doing it, and look to doing it also in behalf of myself in a little while


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