Thursday, March 01, 2007

BJA Recommends

McSweeney's - my trusty employer and the bringer of many good things - has a little section on their website called McSweeney's Recommends, which offers helpful suggestions on a vast array of topics. Definitely check it out - but not before you check out BJA Recommends, a new little feature I'm putting into test mode.

Here goes.

Old Navy jeans
They fit great, their lack of label keeps 'em guessing what mysterious designer brand you're rocking, and they steer clear of fake holes and frays. They're also under $40. Basically free!

Sleeping with a sleep mask
Slip one of those free airplane things on and you'll snag another two hours, I swear. Plus, you'll look a little like a Sugarbaker - never a bad thing.

Un Lun Dun
A young adult fantasy novel about a girl exploring a secret city underground London. Just started, but promises to be spooky and fantastic. I'll keep you posted.

Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Peanut Granola Bars
I ate hundreds of these during play rehearsals last spring and rediscovered them a couple weeks ago. Run, don't walk, to pick them up. Crack in a box.

Heated seats
Having a warm bum is entirely underrated.

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