Monday, April 16, 2007

To B or Not to B

Okay, people. I may have lost it. Feel my forehead, because I'm actually considering the purchase of a Blackberry. I didn't think this day would come, but I also didn't think I'd be working in the (probably as un-corporate as it gets) corporate world. I experience small to large stabs of fear when I leave my computer behind for more than ten minutes. I buy my lunch at a light jog, making it back to my desk quick like a bunny and checking/replying to email throughout my sandwich chewing/cookie inhaling. I figure if I have a little obnoxious friend in my hands at all times I'll feel freer to maybe walk to lunch and/or chat with a coworker for a minute? Am I right or am I right?

There are a couple obvious downsides to the whole thing - you're never disconnected from the office etc. - but the most troubling to me is how much I'd have to cut down on the complaining I do about the boy's Blackberry (aka Crackberry aka The Other Woman). What will I do with all that spare time? I have been meaning to finish The Brothers Karamazov...


  1. I still have my Handspring (Palm look alike) and I use to use it with my cellphone to surf and email. Also it holds 500 of my favorite books and all my contacts.....and it's a calculator .... and dictionary .....but a Blackberry is cooler since it is always in contact. What is as or more cool is a Treo which is a Palm Pilot, Blackberry and cellphone all combined. But maybe the real key here is how to wear it and be cool. For guys it is easy - belt/pocket, but for women, depending on your outfit, they may need to carry it in their least you will look to be busy and on-the-job all the time.

  2. Ryan G9:58 AM

    Don't... Do it...

  3. Sharon6:10 PM

    Noooooo!! They should buy it FOR you. Explain. And ask if it comes with a Spidey case. If they come in crystals, they should come in Spidey cases. Duhsville.


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