Friday, November 16, 2007

Half Way!

Just reached 25,560 words, suckas! Thinking of trying to kiss my face. Feeling pretty happy with my usually procrastinating a#$, though I have to admit this hasn't been too painful. Some people talk about pulling all nighters and having no social life and eating 67 Snickers, but I think I'm just doing it the fuddy duddy way. Slow and steady, achy joints and blue hair. With lots of Grape Nuts and Murder She Wrote along the way.

Of course it's hard to get started after a long day at work and sometimes I worry if what I'm writing is blah, but most of the time I'm actually enjoying myself (?!) and happy to have a 'kativity outside of the grind. Anywho. That's the update. And now, I television.


  1. That's kickin ass!

  2. rock it out sistah.
    i can't wait to come to the signing...

  3. Amy -

    Shame on you for thinking you aren't interesting, etc. blah etc. I came across your blog in the most amusing way which I will fail to detail at the present moment. Suffice to say - ask someone who knows only of your existance and not of YOU ..your personal diatribes brightened my small expanse of a day. I hope you have an enjoyable and otherwise relaxing thanksgiving..

    Amy in Colorado


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