Tuesday, February 26, 2008

and your little dog too

my girlfriend and i went for manicures yesterday evening, to get our minds off various stressful situations. it was either that or one of those homemade chocolate donuts from starbucks. and since here on the west coast manicures somehow cost only $8 (?!) and my very public day of nuptials is fast approaching, it was an easy decision.

just before the lady started applying the candy apple red i'd chosen, i changed my mind. (what? me? change my mind?) i remembered this crazy color i'd seen on a friend's nails, this super dark purple shade that reads as black - hilariously, it's called lincoln park after dark - and i bolted up to grab it. the whole time the lady worked she kept looking up like: really? are we really doing this? and i'd laugh maniacally and she'd silently return to her painting.

so now i'm all goth account girl. and i like it. i do believe it's helping me write more assertive emails to certain, er, feisty people at work. i'll hesitate, then look down, see elvira fingers and press send without another thought. a highly recommended color if you're looking to kick some interweb ass.


  1. I'm scared to come home, Morticia.

  2. I saw this on my friend and wanted it! I bought a diff version at Target but it's not Wednesday Adams enough. Want. Need. I've NEVER had a manicure!! Who am I?

  3. part of the Chicago color series, loves it!

    OPI also has a color called Lincoln Park After Midnight. a girl at the cheapie mani/pedi place down the street asked for it and i laughed at her in my head thinking she MUST have forgotten that it's "after dark", but it turns out i was the mistaken one!

    Lincoln Park after Midnight is almost identical to After Dark...one of them has the smallest tint of purple, the other a tint of navy or something. but whatevs they're like the same color by the same company.


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