Monday, March 24, 2008

day one

of Time Off

i've already enjoyed a sunny walk (alamo square park! you're so adorable! i will visit you daily!) followed by a salty salad and some meandering through the paper store. i went with a friend, also in the midst of Time Off, and we discussed the curious reactions one receives when in her twenties and Not At Work during the day. are we in college? housewives? jehovah's witnesses? i just raise an eyebrow and pretend i'm very important in my yoga pants.

the real story is: because i'm not entirely sure what i want to do career wise and because the wedding is rapidly approaching, i'm taking this time to figure and plan.

i know i'm very (very) lucky to be able to rest for a little and focus on the stuff i want to focus on without the pressures of finding/maintaining a full time job. mr. clay flies all over and works the live long day to make the bacon/donuts. and for that i am eternally grateful. for that, i will don high heels and an apron and present him with a roast and apple pie. or in his case, quinoa and some sorbet.

to ensure my time is productive, i plan on scheduling my day into units, ala About a Boy.

a) editing my book
b) planning my wedding
c) career research
d) meditation
e) exercise
f) cooking/cleaning
g) stuff that is fun

oh and!

h) blogging

i'm going to try and write a post mon-fri, to keep it real. (wha? totally inappropriate usage.) because as with NaNoWriMo, when i publicly let people know what i'm working on, i'm a helluva lot more likely to get it done. i don't do well with shame.

and so! you can look forward to a constant stream of drivel from yours truly as i frolic through this city by the bay and feign importance.

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