Thursday, March 27, 2008

dear people,

i'd like to raise my hand and ask the it manager at my old job to please turn off my email account? as much as i love knowing that there's leftover hummus on 6 and lost keys on 2, i've moved on to bigger and better things. namely, the corn dog cooking in my microwave.

i'd also like to thank my neighbors for putting up with my recent habit of dancing to the entire new britney album. i can't help it, people, the whole thing makes me shake it.

next i'd like to say goodbye to chikezie, baby. i liked you, pal! but i didn't vote for you, so i guess i didn't like you that much. upon greater reflection, you remind me of a creepy guy i went to theater school with, who wore tights and talked like a newscaster. so nevermind. i'm relieved you're gone.

and lastly, i'll be signing off for a few days while we frolic in the peaks of lake tahoe. yet another bratty san francisco activity we're adding to the repertoire. seacrest out!

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  1. i'm jealous of your romantic san fran vacation. i'm going to be at home reading the first gossip girl novel and staring at MTV True Life reruns.

    but perhaps i'll take your advice and listen to the new britney. she's good for a cheer up.


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