Wednesday, March 05, 2008

things mr. o'loughlin never told me

my mom used to have these cards she'd use with her speech students; each jolly illustration depicted a jolly little person acting out a profession. the students would guess what the job was, they'd tell story about it to to practice vocab, and so on.

one night i was helping her laminate the cards. i was amused by the fifties-esque portrayal of each job. nurse = snappy lady in white. engineer = man with striped cap riding a train. etc. but then i came across two cards i found rather troubling.

1) showed a man in a full feather headdress, beaded necklace and leather tunic.
2) showed a man, covered in dirt, carrying a stick with a sack attached.

my guidance counselor had really led me astray! not only could i be a biologist, a dentist, a teacher or an accountant - i could also be an indian! or a hobo!

i now had to wonder: could bu offer me the classes required to become an indian? if i decided to choose the hobo path, would there be opportunities for advancement? the vacation day package alone had to be stellar...

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