Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ur so kewl

whenever i'm on a flexible schedule, i start to think i'm 13 and my parents are away and it's time to party. no matter my levels of fatigue, i just start staying up later and later. like last night. just for kicks, i stayed up until 3. i watched some matlock, read some kazuo ishiguro, cracked my knuckles? i still woke up at 8:30 because i had a nightmare about the dishes in my sink joining forces to eat me, but still.

in unrelated news, can i tell you my least favorite interweb feature of all time? yahoo answers. the hell? you enter a harmless question into your search engine and up pops a link with posts from the 12,000 morons who "answered" your question. usually with a combination of "UR sooo STOOpid why ou AskIN me that" or "follow ur <3 and u'll kno". i want it OFF my computer now.

okay, must do stuff.

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