Thursday, April 10, 2008

giving my eyes a workout

to make any progress on my book, i've got to be somewhere that's not-home. there's too many temptations here: briscoe and green, the internets, mint milanos. i'm testing out a variety of locales, but made the most headway yesterday at the library. (no! the place created for all things book?)

of course, the whole time i was surrounded by things and things and things i wanted and so it was still kind of distracting. i probably need to write in an engineering library.

once i was finished with enough pages, i let myself shop. here's what i got:

1. the adventures of huckleberry finn. this is one of clay's very favorites, so i'm giving it another whirl. i liked it the first time, but that was 10th grade and i wore pants 5 sizes too big. i hope to find i've changed since then.

2. anansi boys. i got this one on tape, so when i take my walks i can double task and fit in some stories. if you haven't read anything by neil gaiman, you should. he's creepy and smart and good.

3. s is for silence. oh, to be a tiny pumpkin pie slice of the mystery author sue grafton is. yet another yummy find in her alphabet series. i need to keep a notebook of the letters i've read so far. at this point it's kind of helter skelter, but this one didn't sound familiar... (side note: i honestly found myself looking under "f" for fletcher yesterday. too much murder she wrote anyone?!)

4. peace is every step. if martin luther king (bu grad!) nominates you for the nobel peace prize, you're probably not a slacker. for anyone interested in meditation and mindfulness, thich nhat hanh is pretty much the man.

tralalala. time to edutain myself.


  1. mark twain is my second favorite author.

  2. Shooters ear protectors (big sonar operator looking type) are a great way to both loss of sound distractions and a instant beginning process of a peaceful mine-set: worth the $20 just to try. We love them and we use them at work; also people don't bother you either - they scream "stay away".

    Also it seems that the reports of cc's favorite author has been greatly exaggerated.


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