Wednesday, April 02, 2008

say it ain't so!

goddammit, the gutte got kicked off dancing with the stars last night. and right after he performed the mango no less! he danced cheek-to-cheek with another man, on live television, in a spandex ensemble and they think it's legal to kick his sweet ass off? wrong.

a few other things of note:

try and catch the latest "the stars are at macy's" commercial: this hot dude walks into the store and everyone's swooning and donald trump is all mad for some inexplicable reason. ignore him and look for martha stewart in the background, fanning her face all siren like? spooky.

as simon said, if he can make a song about sparrows sexy, david cook can do anything.

that was a diverting break, friends, but it's bathroom cleaning time. we've got company this weekend and the faucets must shine!

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  1. christie4:56 AM

    Oh wow. I just saw the Macy's commercial. *shudder* MS actually checks out the dude's arse. Off to scratch my eyes out now...


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