Wednesday, April 30, 2008

two powerbars, a vitamin water and a handful of pringles later

well, internet users. i'm feeling quite pleased with myself. this morning after forcing myself out of downy comfort, i smothered the bod with spf, put on stretchy yet supportive (and pink!) move out gear and hit the road. rumor had it that right near our hotel a good long walking/bike trail starts its windings and i was determined to find it and journey forth. and i did! good story!

[i'm especially proud i found it without tears because this isn't the bja way. i'll confess there was some fumbling (i thought the trail started in this little train depot looking thing - it looked so national parkish? - but when i walked inside the gates closed on me and i was trapped! forever! a lone groundskeeper took pity on my sad soul and whispered the combination to me to unlock them. i was free!) but this whole saga only took about 5 minutes - a vast improvement over yesterday's hour long stumble to find the dream cafe.]

friendly groundskeeper person also pointed out the real trail to me and off i went, backpack on back, snacks in place. and you know, dallas? you're not too bad. you're warm but breezy, you've got a rainbow of wildflowers, lots of green stuff that smells good, and courteous (alarmingly tanned) pedestrians. not that pedestrians in sf aren't polite, they just don't smile at my face for no reason.

the whole trail is a linear 3.5 miles, but i turned around when i hit the 2 mile marker, making for a nice 4 mile loop. i could have gone longer if my loser hips and knees weren't borrowed from a senior citizen. something i should look into? probably.

and now i'm back and ready to pop in a movie. last night i found out i can call downstairs, request a dvd (or 3) and they'll run them up to me? why so friendly, w? i wrapped up sister act this morning. next up? mia farrow = carrying the devil's baby. me = jumping/screaming/blissing.

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  1. I'd like to distance myself from involvement with the movie selection - though I have to confess I didn't have the strength to veto.

    And that I enjoyed Whoopi Goldberg.


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