Friday, May 02, 2008

don't mess

i continued my mini tour of dallas yesterday, with a trip to the nasher sculpture center. clay and i visited there a few years ago, when he spent a summer working in dallas (i think? or maybe we came in the winter once) but i wanted to go again. there's something uniquely lovely about a midday, weekday visit to a museum by yourself. aside from some tibetan monks in tevas (wouldn't they be happier in something a little less chunky?), i was alone to eat my tomato basil soup in the cafe, then wander the sculptures in the shady garden out back.

my favorites =

1) jonathan borofsky's "walking to the sky"

2) george segal"s "rush hour"

3) magdalena abakanowicz's "bronze crowd"

a very good afternoon, thanks.

and now i'm busy planning today's events. currently, mj fox is on tv running around as a bellhop and the weather is looking steamy. perhaps a dip in the pool followed by another stroll along the overpass to reach some french toast and tea?

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  1. Looking forward to the Dallas vs. FW comparo. Lots of pride on the line.


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