Tuesday, May 06, 2008

fw, continued

yesterday, i rather forgot that museums like to stay closed on mondays and so treated myself instead to a whirlwind tour of fort worth's walgreens. then i looked at delicious cowboy boots - $475 a pop, thank you very much - that will never grace these po' feet and jumped around to a couple different cafes for snacks and people staring.

it's been gray and sprinkling down here, so my outside constitutionals have been swapped for some elliptical action instead. in the hotel gym i was the lone female in a swarm of beefy marines, all gathered here for some kind of conference. i realize a man must keep his hair close-to-shaved in the military, but does it have to have that two-toned, flat top action? does it? because maybe it does and they're not choosing that style and if so, i forgive them their trespasses. if not, then i'm going to continue to judge harshly. either way, i felt like that 45 minute workout period was the perfect time for some disaster to befall the hotel because i'd be all safe and stuff. nothing happened, so hopefully the bad guys will wait until i'm back again, pumping iron with the good guys.

rain makes me want to read and read, so i'm going to go do that for a bit more before i try up the modern again. i tell you, the amount of culture in my little pinkie would just topple you over.

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