Wednesday, May 21, 2008

if only that pigeon would stop talking

as surprising as it may seem, reader, yesterday was the first day i felt a little...embarrassed by my current life of luxury. maybe "embarrassed" isn't the right word exactly - maybe it's "aware" or "restless" or "bored". it was two months ago today that i left my crazy job behind and, as clay reminded me last night, we guessed it'd probably take exactly that amount of time to even feel like myself again. and right on schedule, i do.

which is nice, because one of my last weeks at that place had me making frantic phone calls to my assistant telling her i was about to "pull a britney" and i "wasn't f'ing around so please have my bail money ready." and that's no way to live now, is it?

thankfully, i kept my hair, stayed jail-free and have since calmed it all down with lots of long walks, zen, plot-driven novels and a rediscovered love of tlc daytime programming.

though i'm not exactly sure what comes next career-wise, i've got a good idea of the direction and i'm relieved to discover i feel excited about it. that i'm not so pleased with a no-working lifestyle i'll try to keep it and turn into a weird post-feminist housewife type. of course with the wedding happening two months from last monday (ay caramba!) it's not the best time to make the job thing happen today. which is how i usually work. monday, i'm fine. by wednesday i need a job. stat.

so until the post-hitched pavement-hitting starts, i'm going to accept the pleasant absurdity of my life for what it is and enjoy it. today's itinerary = oatmeal at corner bakery followed by reading by the pool followed by swimming in the pool followed by sherlock holmes computer gaming followed by meditation followed by writing at starbucks followed by oh i'm getting tired maybe the pool again? it's tough, people, but someone's gotta do it.

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  1. when you're done with ya mystery i hope you realize you need to do sedaris-type memoir short story things. please do it please please thank you.


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