Monday, May 26, 2008

i'm not sure if you know this,

but i'm famous.

a tv star, to be specific.

here's what happened. at the old job, i worked on the account of a very large cable provider. actually the largest cable provider, if that clears things up for you. among other things, we were interested in making satellite tv look unappealing, dirty, a crime against humanity.

so for this one commercial (clip unavailable, plus i'm still kind of pretending not to use names), we wanted to show how huge a satellite is. how it will absolutely ruin everything about your homestead with its extreme...hugeness.

our creative team was unavailable that day, so inexplicably i was deemed responsible for creating photographs that showed the scale of how unwieldy the thing was. we put all these things next to it (a shoe? an umbrella?) but it just looked stupid. finally - as a joke, people - i picked the thing up and acted all me with it. and by "me", i mean insane.

well, fast forward to our client presentation of the latest clip. doh dee doh, i'm just sitting there all innocent, probably typing on my blackberry to clay. but when it's time for the satellite image to pop up, it's me. struggling and wincing and veins popping. er. maybe i didn't label those shots correctly? under the "please do not show to other humans" file?

so, we'll speed things up here, a) the client fell in love with the shot b) we re-created the shot on a playground, in better lighting c) the client loved it even more d) i signed a contract e) the commercial airs every night f) every month or so i get a check for some shoe money.

i may be gone, but my legacy lives on!

keep your eyes peeled. you won't be disappointed.


  1. omg! please, please, please post a clip when you get one!

  2. christie2:12 PM

    WHAT!?? This is so exciting! When? Where? What station? How can I see my famous cuz? The kids are going to go bonkers when they see you in all your glory!!!

  3. so, if your cable provider is the same cable provider as the one i'm advertising - you'll see the commercial. if it isn't, then you won't unfortch. i'll try my damndest to find a clippy.

  4. i echo mic's sentiments... CLIP! NOW! you should post it in facebook, too... har.

  5. christie5:37 AM

    Sadly, we have one of those giant satellites you're holding... FIND A CLIP NOW.

  6. Ha! I just found your blog today. From your blog, you seem like a funny fun person. Post more. You make me laugh (and we all know how theraputic laughter can be.)


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