Wednesday, May 07, 2008

lighten up, francis

so i finally, successfully, visited the modern yesterday. how thoroughly enjoyable, fort worth! i was starting to peg you as the soccer mom of american cities, but this shook me up a little. the building is supercool, the art is tasty and the cafe dreamy. the pic below shows the view you get while eating foods (a pulled pork sandwich with potato salad and an iced tea, thanks for asking) and staring wistfully out the window. i like to pretend i'm planning my next major installation instead of my next post.

a little strange, but some of my favorite pieces were these stripey paintings by sean scully. i learned in my psychology of perception class that certain shapes or alignments can really strike a note with you if your brain has its receptors in that specific arrangement - or something like that. all i know is, whenever i scribble, i draw all sorts of lines and boxes intercepting and meshing. so when i walked into a huge room filled with these paintings, my brain sort of sighed in homey happiness.

i bought a few postcards of the stripes; maybe i'll make a shrine.

i also bought a pack of teaberry gum. when i was little, i used to wander through the woods out back of my house and pick teaberries. they were pasty but delish and this gum tastes exactly the right way. unfortunately, the goodness disappears in about 15 seconds, leaving me with tasteless, hardened chew. but i'm okay with that.

it's pretty murky outside again, but i don't really mind. whenever i'm allowed, guilt-free, to read and watch things on screens, i can't complain. baby mama is showing down the street and i do believe there's a seat waiting with my name on it.

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  1. what? picking berries in the woods and then eating them? that sounds either very dangerous or very little house on the prarie...


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