Sunday, May 25, 2008

mii likey

if you kept time in the 80's, you may remember the nes power pad and all its wonderments. it entailed much running and jumping in place and it sort of looked and felt like twister what with the socks you were wearing and the circles you were stepping in and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, but the idea was cool and it lent a sense of fitness to the sloth of gaming.

well, fast forward to now and we've got wii fit, nintendo's new take on making video games good for you. we got ours in the mail last week (handily pre-ordered by the man of the house) and i wasted no time ripping in and hopping on.

the white board acts as both an accurate scale/bmi-tester (it won't shy away from calling you a fatty, so leave your sensitive pants off) and a crazy movement sensor. you step on up and it keeps track, on your boob tube, of everything you do.

you can train in four categories: yoga, strength, aerobics and balance. each has a series of games or exercises you can choose from, lasting a few minutes each, and you mix and match different games to custom fit what you want to work on.

me (mii), i like to bounce between the different categories. i tell myself it's circuit training or interval training or one of those things shape tells me to do. i'll start with some hula hooping (frantic hip swiveling to keep the hoops around my waist going and manic arm reaching and head leaning, to duck under and through the hoops thrown at me), then a session of head butting soccer balls (i suck big at this one), wrapping up with a few sun salutations at the yoga studio. the better you do, the higher your score (on a 4-star scale) and the higher your score, the more new levels and games you unlock. sometimes i get a 1, and they play this really sad music and my trainer shakes his head. i don't want to talk about it anymore.

in terms of the bad - sometimes, even if i'm desperately leaning, my on-screen doppelganger isn't leaning too. clay tells me this is probably a result of placing the board on carpet vs. wood. so that can be annoying. also, there's something weird to me about grading yoga. maybe they could have chosen a different system there? just seems too not-the-point. and sometimes the trainer guy talks too much at me. "GOOD JOB! YOU'RE REALLY STRONG!" when all i did was lift my leg an inch. so i wouldn't mind an option to shut his trap. i guess it's called the mute button.

but aside from those minor complaints, i heart its sweet, plastic face. anything that's genuinely fun and makes me sweat off the cheddar, swiss, brie and american cheese squish, is a buddy o' mine.

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