Friday, May 09, 2008

oh, san francisco

you are pretty - you are - but why so cold? was it something i said?

last night we flew back from the big t; this time not in first class, sad face. clay had a seat up yonder, but i couldn't grab an upgrade, so my buddy came back and sat with me instead. gem! we had the very last row to ourselves, which was ridiculously loud and perfumed by the bathroom, but it brought us special attention from the flight attendant who, i think, was in love with our love? she kept bringing us things we didn't really want but felt we needed to take. her last treat of the night was three small bottles of champagne. and then a shot of disaronno (on the rocks!) because "the champagne isn't very good - you'll want to chase it with this." i nodded and smiled, then ditched it all in a trashcan outside the plane.

and now we're back in our little city and i'm in a big sweatsuit but still shaking like a leaf. texas teased me with warm sun and green grass and iced tea sipped in a tank top. also cute houses with yards for under 200 grand. but i digress.

my goal today is to get our chateau in fighting shape. this postage stamp is cute as a button, but turns messy real quick if you blink. and since i've got book club here on tuesday, i am letting the fear of social humiliation spur me on. but really, instead of just tidying, we need new organizational systems. what to do with tools? boxes of frosted mini wheats? our mail and the 12,435 magazines we receive?

i'd appreciate any of your tips on staying streamlined in this messy modern day of ours. we thank ye kindly.

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  1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    Leonardo da Vinci


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