Monday, May 05, 2008


my entire elementary, middle, high school and college careers proved i only work well on deadline. currently, i put an hour or so a day into my draft, whilst slowly sipping tea and looking out the window at things. this, my friends, is not how books are finished.

and so it's time i impose some hard dates upon myself to get this thing rolling serious style.

june 1 = hand it over to my First Reader (as yet to be determined). oh excuse me! i just threw up in my mouth.

the next deadline will = start sending the thing out; since that'll be based upon the june 1 results i won't put anything definite out there yet. but i'm thinking in the october 1 vicinity? surprise! more throw up.

and for now? breakfast in fort worth followed by a little modern art perhaps. followed by a boat load of editing.

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  1. This is it! Now, don't fret. To quote one of my esteemed literary colleagues: "Sometimes you just have to puke over the side and keep rowing!"

    It's an analogy. About WRITING. And VOM! Fitting, no?!


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