Monday, May 12, 2008

unh huh, unh huh, unh huh

many people cooler than i love radiohead. people close to me, people who know lots of things, people whom i look up to and like sitting next to. and it's not like i hate radiohead, because you can show me some of their songs here and there that really sound great and make me bop my head. but i just don't ever think to myself as i'm driving along, or writing or eating - hey! you know what would make this so much better? thom yorke!

it's caused me much distress over the years. they're british! and angsty! and artsy people love them! what is wrong with me?

i was having this conversation for the umpteenth time with my little brother over christmas. he was playing different radiohead tunes for me, all animated, explaining their beauty and appeal and transcendent glory. and i sat there blankly. again - it's not like i want to block my ears or leave the room screaming. i just don't need to put it on again. kind of like shortbread cookies. when i'm eating them, i'm not mad. it's just that, when given the chance, i'm always going to choose something else. like a hunk of cheese.

so i'm asking him over and over why are they so great, what am i missing? and he's trying hard to explain and then he's on my computer, scanning my itunes collection. suddenly he looks up and says casually, but with an air of epiphany:

"amy. if you're a person who pays 99 cents to download 'froggy went a'courtin' - you're probably not going to love radiohead."

and oh my! how well put! i have paid almost-a-dollar for a ukulele tune about animals getting married. and therefore, following all logic, i cannot also love radiohead. it's really a relief to stop trying so hard.


  1. lolz on this. it's funny: even as someone who used to base my ENTIRE IDENTITY around radiohead (who i still cite as my Favorite Band Ever), i do understand why they don't make you want to bow and cry and be in love with thom's lazy eye. it's not for everybody and no, it doesn't make you less artsy or less cool. there's nothing wrong with ukuleles. have you ever listened to Beirut? ukuleles + indie cred. everyone wins.

  2. Trevor9:24 PM

    this reminds me of a trip to dunkin' donuts where I specifically told the person "I want the donut but not the hole"

  3. I still think bird songs beat them all.


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