Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1982 or 1928

right now i'm:

* wearing a sweatsuit
* eating ritz crackers with peanut butter
* drinking milk
* watching the hallmark channel
doing a crossword

and the problem is, i just can't seem to feel bad about it. it's a little bit like my former attempts to become a vegetarian. i've tried and tried to be repulsed by meat (dead! animals! in my stomach! etc), but it just can't be done. hence, the many rows of meat at our fast-approaching bbq nuptials.

so yes, i sit here and try to pre-enact the horror i'd feel if someone busted in right now, interrupting my geriatric couch picnic. but i'm pretty sure i'd just beckon them closer and turn up my hearing aid.


  1. Leaving out the fact that Betty White + Golden Girls quickly followed by Murder She Wrote are likely on tv seems like glaring omission

  2. you're right. last night was a great 2.5 hour block. two eps of msw followed by 1 of gg. betty white, bea arthur, angela lansbury. they know stuff.

  3. you're into golden girls? somehow i should have known this...

  4. Anonymous11:57 PM

    are these the same ritz crackers you carry in your purse? -JF


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