Saturday, June 07, 2008


last night in hawaii, friends, and finally got myself some interweb. overlooking massive maui resort from our room's balcony. no doubt this island is easy breezy beautiful cover girl, but after our time in kauai (only 3% commercially developed) it seems a little clogged with people, places, things. high class problem though. i would not throw this place out of bed.

cc and i spent the morning (like, real morning - 7 am) surfing, hanging 10, etc. completely and utterly exhausting, but also huge fun. only could have been improved by waterproof ipod piping in nonstop beach boys. have heinous rash on my legs and tum from constant rubbing against low-quality board; shockingly, hot laptop on my legs is not helping matters...

tomorrow we board a plane back to the bay. i've lived exclusively in floaty dresses and flops for the past seven days and kind of gag at the thought of wrapping a scarf around my throat to get a coffee down the street. ho hum.

but that is in the faraway future! for now, i must attend to a) water slide b) arnold palmer c) correcting tan lines. aloha!

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