Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i'm not entirely sure why,

but the following commercial fills me with unbridled rage:

in other news:

fingers are crossed for potential very-cool job situation.

we rearranged our living room for the...twelve thousandth time. i fight it tooth and nail, but it always turns out better than the last iteration. plus, i'm closer to the tv now.

i have a dentist appointment tomorrow. the only not-awful thing about this is i'm encouraged (read: forced) to take prescribed anti-anxiety meds. this prevents me instantly striking the fetal position and calling for my mom. you think i'm kidding.

afterwards, i have a date to watch the little mermaid with my same-birthday-gf. we realized this had to happen after spending much of our hawaii vacation serenading our men with "part of your world" from the back of the convertible.

i've taken to eating twizzlers in the middle of the night. this is an old habit i'm not interested in rekindling.

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