Monday, June 23, 2008

when i was five or so,

i was sick with strep throat or bronchitis or one of those things asthmatics living in new england constantly catch. and i was sitting up on the doctor's table, eavesdropping on his discussion with my mom about the medicine i'd have to take. i started to panic because i don't think (to this day) they could make that thick pink "bubble gum" stuff more heinous if they tried. and so i became all fetal position and "no no i don't want to take it now" and the doctor man came over, all comforting, and patted my knee.

"you don't have to take it now!"

relief! mixed with healthy skepticism!

"you just have to take it in the future!"

relief! mixed with utter joy! the future? when people wear silver suits and puffy shoulder pads and eat dip'n dots for breakfast? i was safe!

and then we got home an hour later and my mom (or should we call her judas) whipped out that pink bottle and said oh-so-coyly "it's the fuu-ture!" and godammit if she wasn't right!

this incident, along with the time she made the shoe store man lie to me they were out of white chuck taylors because peach ones stain less, haunts me to this day.


  1. Are those CC's sneakers?

  2. ...or do you have hairy legs?

  3. i kind of wish both...might be a good luck for both of us! but nope, just a stock image.


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