Monday, July 14, 2008

i think i'm supposed to be nervous

but i'm not, internets! t-minus 4.5 days till the big day and i'm a very unusual (for me) combo of calm and excited. i've been more anxious about conference calls. is this breaking some sort of bridezilla code of honor? research shows i should be losing my appetite and days of sleep, but i deeply enjoyed my grilled cheese and vanilla ice cream tonight and i've been napping in puddles of sweat (feel free to cool off, massachusetts) whenever i grab a second.

my favorite part of each day is when i let go of something ridiculous i've been fixated on. today it was my obsession to have a fresh flower on each cupcake. after all this debate over which flowers are edible and which will kill my grandmother after a lick and which ones will wilt and which will flavor the frosting like fertilizer, i just said forget it, sista. i called the baker lady, told her to whip up some teal frosting instead and called it a day. instant joy!

i've got the loveliest group of family and friends a girl could ask for, all slaving
behind-the-scenes, helping me hardcore, and i can't wait to finally enjoy all that meat, frosting and stevie wonder with them. then ride off in a minivan with my cc and do a little happy dance together.


  1. christie5:51 AM

    Yay!!! I got to SEE you yesterday! Thanks for the visit!

    My mom's mantra for my wedding: As long as the groom is right, nothing else matters. So... I'm glad you let go of the poisonous flowers. We all thank you.

  2. I completely agree with what Christie said.

    The groom is always right.

    Isn't that what she said?

  3. christie1:54 PM

    Oh boy... Good luck with that, er, him, Amy! :)


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