Tuesday, July 01, 2008

so i'm a little slow

sure, i knew about this american life and prairie home companion and things of that nature. and understood they were urbane and hip and enjoyed by people who like things i like.

but in my life, in general, my brain has to work extra hard to listen to and make sense of books on tape or talk radio and so i steer clear. i'm a serious visual learner and as much as i love to talk, i find the digesting and understanding of the listening process slow and frustrating at times. (let's not even discuss the nightmare that is multi-person conference calls. i feel like i've barely escaped from azkaban by the time they're over. )

but recently, much in the way i feel i've singlehandedly discovered both frasier and coffee, i've been like wow national public radio wow! thank you for all your fun little things and constant chatter! you're the perfect way to spend a car ride to the airport and i find you extremely relaxing - a delightful note struck between silence and the beach boys.

and while my slow-on-the-uptakeness may seem laughable, i'm really quite content with it. just think how many old things i've got left to discover! wings season 1 on dvd here i come.

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