Tuesday, July 01, 2008


i find it ridiculous when certain powerful celebrities - there are a couple i have in mind - preach to the masses about using positive thinking and the law of attraction to get what you want. basically, put a positive idea out to the universe (i want a bicycle!) and it will come back to you in a positive physical manifestation (look, i got a bicycle!). put a negative idea out to the universe and that will come back to you, too.

it's not that i'm against thinking positively, that would be silly, but it just doesn't apply to every situation. like...why some people die suddenly and some frolic with lotsa cash?
the answer is, that's life. (or if you're a greeting card my little brother created at age 8 : "that's capitalism!") not: "you must have thought about dying too much and so you died!"

because i can promise you if that were true, i'd be long gone. the amount of hours i used to spend cuddled up with the merck manual is mind boggling.

one of these ladies literally asked these so-called secret experts on a recent episode: "do you, like me, ever ask the universe for something and find it ten minutes later - right outside your door?" ooo eee ooo behold my mystical powers. um have you considered it's because you have 12,000 assistants who do your bidding? and then the people in the audience swoon and clap their hands and go ohhhh i guess i can't afford a mercedes because i think wrong.

not trying to hate here. i'd just like them to give the right things - hard work, talent, right place right time, no kids, luck - the credit for why they are where they are. instead of a close and personal relationship with the - shhhhhh - secret.

okay! i'm done! carry on.

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