Thursday, July 03, 2008

two treats yesterday

1) i drove my fine self to noe valley and checked out the san francisco mystery bookstore because apparently i have been living under a rock and never knew it existed? it must have been all that positive thinking that made my dreams come true! it's probably for the best in regards to our shelf space and wallets that the past two years i've remained clueless, but this place is awesome-o. rows and rows and rows of mystery and crime fiction, many of them in paperback form, many with deliciously campy old covers. i wanted to grab armfuls and run, but my arms are pretty skinny as it turns out and i only walked away (read: bought) with four. favorite moment? when i dropped a couple books on the floor and the shopkeeper whipped around and said "YOU DROP 'EM YOU BUY 'EM." with a totally straight face. comedy!

2) i cooked myself up a juicy steak. cc casually mentioned he'd had some for dinner and suddenly, frantically, i needed to have one for myself. i had not a clue how to cook it, but with the kind help of friends and the internets (sear 3 minutes on each side, followed by about 5 minutes in an oven set to 350 degrees - use an iron skillet with those grill mark things) i soon had a most delicious dinner in front of me. i cut up two tomatoes, sprinkled them with olive oil and salt and pepper, poured myself some lemonade and was ready to stuff. since it was a real dinner and all, i even sat at our table and used a napkin! i have to admit, the whole thing felt a whole lot better than the typical peanut butter toast i eat come the eating hour. i'm all growed up!

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  1. ha the next day after our convo i HAD to have a steak... it was delicious


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