Tuesday, July 29, 2008

we're home

and can't stop playing rockband. after driving 651 miles yesterday, we stayed up into the wee hours of the night playing together, tongues out, foreheads creased in rabid concentration. at one point, around 3 am i believe, i was on vocals for radiohead's "creep" (and we all know how much i love radiohead), with cc jamming on guitar. um, cue mom figure yelling at us to shut the hell up? minus one of those, we just let our neighbors do it instead.

but i'm going to fight through my repetitive stress injuries to put up our last honeymoon post. i'll even make it easier for you this time and put some captions below the pictures. in summary, we had a lovely time. meandering, quiet, full of trees, coffee, and made-up songs. and now we've got the rest of this week in san francisco to rearrange the apartment, catch up with friends, and jam.

to prove we were in seattle. space needle, crazy experience music project building, i think i see frasier hiding?

we ate brunch in a vancouver botanical garden. this is me falling in love with blueberry scones.

i go in for the grab. (please note my t-shirt. it did not leave my body for 6 days.)

sorry, ladies. this one's taken.

cc wearing a ring and eating a scone had to be captured.

i always get really into oranges when they throw me a slice on my plate. a holdover from my bout with scurvy perhaps?

marlon brando.

we cross back into safe waters. phew.

what we saw a lot of for a lot of days.

it's hard to convey in a terrible, drive-by shot like this, but the pacific northwest is dripping with trees. i grew up in new england and thought we knew about green stuffs - but we know nuthin.

we stopped near seattle to shop the outlets. cc bought this crazy cute red (pink?) sweatshirt.

and little red drove us all the way home.


  1. i'd like to protest the shots in red/pink. i don't believe i signed a release on those.

  2. I think CC looks really cute in hot pink...he's always been a little questionable in the fashion area...


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