Saturday, July 26, 2008

we've slowed down on the picture front

but wanted to post the blue ox per cc's request. it really is quite attractive, no?

left portland (cute x 900 - mourning the fact cc's company doesn't have an office there) yesterday and headed to seattle, which is startling close. granted, the geography inside my head always differs a great deal from the actual world (my sketch of the midwest states would be pure comedy), but was still surprised by the quick 3 hour drive between the two.

we stopped for coffee at one of the many tiny little shacks that sell it up here and used superhuman strength to turn down a mint cookie blizzard at one of the 12,000 dq's lining the streets. replaced the need with a blueberry nutri grain bar, which really was just as tasty. bitter laugh.

as an important side note, cc loves all these northwestern drivers who seem to think the left lane is a 60 mph cruise control hang out lane, perfect for listening to golden oldies and sipping a shake. loves 'em.

we're on the hotel-rooms-purchased-with-points segment of our trip, so we stayed at the w last night. lovely views of the city, a window-seat-couch that i will desperately try to re-create at home, and wireless that works. had a yummy dinner complete with oregon venison wrapped in bacon, strolled around down to the water, window shopped and coffee drank a bit, loved all the trees.

this morning we woke up to cloudy skies; something tells me this is more rule than exception around here, but i'm not hating. still keeping my eyes peeled for frasier and crew, but no luck yet. maybe we'll see him at brunch. after we eat, we'll start heading up to vancouver, ay?

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