Friday, August 08, 2008

i don't want to alarm anybody

but last night some dude was stabbed in front of our apartment. this might not be a shocker if you live in...other parts of the city, sniff. but pacific heights? cereal? we're made of old men and their small dogs. we simply don't do crime, you see.

just as we'd drifted off to sleep, all these sirens showed up right below our window. the building across the street has an issue with false fire alarms, so i usually ignore it. but this went on for a bit and they just kept coming so i ran to get my glasses and stuck my head out the window. five or six cops/emts were leaning over someone lying down (just taking a nap, i'm sure!) on our corner. they hefted him onto a stretcher and, er, it didn't look good. off the ambulance went, leaving behind about 10 cops and the two guys who saw it all happen.

from what i could hear, this was a "219" - but before i could wiki that, the cop explained into the radio "he was stabbed"...which, really defeats the purpose of codes, no? also, all they seemed to have figured out, which they kept repeating and pointing to was: "the suspects went left." um? and then they'd stand in a circle and take some more notes. where was the hustle? quite honestly, i've seen my ups man run faster. (though in all fairness, he is an above average ups man.)

if i were monk or magnum or matlock i'd have been out there gumshoeing it up, but it felt very chilly outside and all that watching made me very hungry. i ate a bowl of mini wheats and hit the sheets. jb fletcher, i am not.

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