Monday, August 11, 2008

i had a monday night date

wif myself. still tbd whether i'll get lucky.

i strolled down the street, ate a light sup over a magazine, then headed next door for a movie. i live for old, one-screen theaters, so it's pure stupidity that over the past two years i haven't gone to a film at the clay theater - which is just that. and called the clay theater. and five minutes away. in my defense, the movies they get aren't usually my exact cup of chai and when they are, they seem to disappear after two days.

this time, when a good one popped up, i was determined to make it. and gold star for me, i did.
the french thriller tell no one (hello! the times made similarities to david lynch - it must be good!), stars an actor (francois cluzet) who looks so much like dustin hoffman at age 45 i spent much/most of the movie impressed by the rain man's aptitude for foreign languages. don't believe me? check yourself:

right? i know. adding to the confusion was cluzet's fantastic performance - maybe not as good as the hoff in marathon man ("tom...creepy. it's the creep."), but not far off. the whole thing was spooky and twisty and satisfying. and made me salivate over french style. those messy chignons, those scarves, the red lipstick, the croissants. er, did i mention it was only a light din?

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  1. While regrettable that I wasn't there to make the indie-French-film-fest, I think additional viewings should continue to be scheduled Monday - Wednesday. You know, just in case I'm in town.


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