Thursday, August 21, 2008

i used to wear

my sweaters inside out and cut out the collars and poke a hole for my thumb and all this lunacy that i was certain made me look artsy and interesting and very busy. i also liked to cut slits in the side of my jeans and sew in extra fabric - because, well, i was insane.

i eventually came to my senses and stopped with the scissors, and i think things have really made a turn for the better. that is until this morning, when i tried on a pair of tights that felt a little too, well, tight. i could practically feel the light bulb appear over my cartoon head as i ran to get the scissors and cut off the elastic band.

the whole operation fell to the floor around my ankles, threads unraveling and underwears showing, and the neighbors yet again got a peek at my white, white flesh. now you'll have to excuse me, i've got a project runway app to fill out.

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