Thursday, August 28, 2008

i'm on a real kick lately

of trying to create things at home that i usually buy. it started with chai lattes, because after years of overly sweet, not very spicy cups from all my neighborhood coffee stops (i'm excluding you, la boulange!) that existed in stark comparison with the real chai i fainted over in india, i was done. my lovely friend manjari heard my plea for help and brought over these tea bags, which i treat like gold, purchased from an indian food store and created by flavor angels. dropped in a saucepan filled with boiling milk (whole tastes best, but i usually do skim, argh) and a couple teaspoons of sugar and bam - spicy satisfaction, complete with milky film post-pour.

today, i re-created pinkberry for cc's berfday. (happy 3-1, buddy!) tangy, plain, full-fat yogurt + twoish teaspoons of honey + 1/3 cup of sugar + 15 minutes in the ice cream maker + raspberries and mangos on top = yumtown. perhaps we can finally stop making those 11:00 dashes down fillmore on the vespa, to pay $4.00 for 4 minutes of tasting?

up next? the grove's kc's salad. mustardy dressing and cranberries and pistachios and grapes and mystery ingredients. i. will. crack. that. code. so. help. me. god. (and my wallet.)

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