Monday, August 04, 2008

in the name of comfort

i'm writing this from our new couch - and when i say "new" i mean "old"...but free! our neighbors down the hall moved out this weekend and, during a hallway scuffle trying to get the thing down the stairs, offered it up to us. the price was right, we both approved, and so it was done. the former couch (now displaced to a cozy alcove) was too short and too white and the cushions were always sliding down and separating and, along with the roar of passing motorcycles, made me rage against existence.

but our new golden oldie is nap-tastically long and has one cushy cushion that can't separate when two people sit on both ends and runs deep and it's unstainably brown and worn in and lovable. the real hallelujah of the situation, though, is that cc actually likes something that's comfortable - usually a four letter word to him. this is such an achievement that i vow, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, to carry this couch on my back wherever in the world we may go.

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