Monday, August 25, 2008


today, at my overpriced neighborhood gourmet market, after being assaulted at every turn with "did you bring your reusable bags?!" signs (and yes! i actually did suckas!), i got stuck behind a toothpick thin, diamond-baubled woman and her 5-ish year old daughter in the produce department.

toothpick: "want to pick out the broccoli for tonight's salad?"

rugrat: "okay. how about...this one?"

tp: "well. this one has brown spots on it. do you like brown spots?"

rr: ""

tp: "that's right, you don't. try again!"

rr: "how about this one?"

tp: "this one has broken leaves on it. do you like broken leaves?"

rr: "no i don't?"

tp: "you don't! exactly. try again!"

as i snuck past, grabbed a bell pepper and moved the hell out, i heard the mom say something about "overly rounded florets" and i almost yelled child abuse! at the top of my lungs. but then i saw this really big m&m cookie and got distracted.

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  1. have you been reading the new David Sedaris book? this would fit right in.


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