Monday, August 04, 2008

a small window into my life


murder she wrote'ing. this series reflects my absolute delight with tom selleck guest starring on a "recent" episode. jb fletcher and thomas magnum in the same room?! could life get better? answer: add matlock and then, no. (also: new couch prominently featured. love!) (also: white bindi prominently featured: post-wedding zit killing ops.)


  1. omg, loves it! i want to come play pronto.

    i want to build a fort out of all those crate and barrel boxes.

  2. lolz these images bring me joy. especially your face in the first one.

  3. christie2:33 PM

    Cam is soooooo jealous of your drum set-up! Can he come live with you??

  4. I think the fact that you have to be reminded to blink your eyes while playing is a testament to your addiction. Example:

    cc: "Blink"

    BJA: "What???"

    cc: "Blink. Your eyes. Its been a good two minutes and I can see your contacts falling out"

    BJA: "I don't have time."

  5. a) yes, send cam to rock camp pronto.

    b) blinking takes time! time is money! i wish you could understand.

  6. amy, wow that color really is great! do you by chance know the name of it?



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