Tuesday, August 19, 2008

tsai love you

in high school (and college and now) i had a ming tsai obsession. his cherubic little face, his somewhat halting speech pattern, his husky arm mixing things i wanted to inhale. he had his own show on the food network - east meets west - and i loved it, watched it every night. i specifically recall a chorus trip to toronto when i was 16, begging my roommates to change the hotel tv off of mtv so i could get my fix. the ignorants thought i was kidding.

a few years back, cc picked up on my desperation and surprised me with a birthday dinner at ming's restaurant, blue ginger. dee-lish.

but then, one day, mr. ming took a powder. vamoosh, out of my life! no goodbye, no postcards, no nothing. i was stricken and no, nobody could take his place. yes, i love alton, yes i love bobby. but our love was...different.

but then! tonight! following a particularly ka-ching episode of antiques roadshow (4 different people with items over $25k wha?!) pbs ran a quick promo for...wait for it...simply ming! holy hell, the gods have heard my prayers, people. dvr set. bliss underway.


  1. T-man7:54 PM

    Can we have a moment for alton brown's playlist?

  2. Sweet mom-in-law1:44 PM

    I too am a Ming fan. I had been watching him during the past year...were they re-runs all this time? Cindy


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