Sunday, August 17, 2008

we should have taken pictures

but we were too busy rocking. we had one of our favorite couples over last night to play a serious round of rockband. we did best with me on drums, cc on guitar, rach on bass and mike singing, but we decided "best" was getting old, so rach moved to drums, i moved to vocals and the guys strummed. there were still some shining moments, sure, but me attempting the vocal stylings of bon jovi in combo with throwing the newbies into difficult territory...we'll just say it sounded "interesting" - in the words of my father when i showed him art projects during my childhood.

i loved every minute of it, though, and happily downed a big dose of cc's homemade peppermint ice cream (that. stuff. is. crack.) afterwards to ease my bleeding throat.

in fact, i've gotten so inspired by the whole thing, that i done went and bought myself a real geetar last week. youtube teaches me chords and scales and all that, and soon i'll start lessons down the street. my fingertips are numb and my strumming is...interesting. but i really want to stick with it, so i'm going to post about it here to keep me honest with my practice. and along those same lines...i've got a book to finish. gottago!

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  1. christie3:59 PM

    Okay, Cam officially needs to come live with you. He lurves peppermint (stick) ice cream and is obsessed with musical instruments. He tries to "play" any and every inanimate object. He'll be on the next flight out, k? He's the one with the filthy bear and the suitcase full of "music" making plastic crap. Enjoy!


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