Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i met bill ayers; guess i'll never win now!

in the fall of 2005 i was working at beacon press, marching through the snow every morning to a job i didn't appreciate enough. i got to do a slew of interesting things, including attending conferences showcasing some pretty legendary authors. at one such conference, i had the pleasure of meeting a beacon author, a man i frequently chatted on the phone with and sold books to: bill ayers.

we shook hands, we talked about the weather, he signed my book. it was a pleasant 10 minutes. and according to some, should ruin my chance at any future political aspirations.

don't want to delve too deep into the whole obama deal here - but couldn't help pointing out the absolute lunacy of mccain's claim. you know/meet bill ayers = you support terrorism? shut the hell up.

no, i don't approve of what ayers did and neither does obama. but turns out life's a little complicated and we can't just talk to people we agree with 100%. nor do i think we should.

apologies for the bad quality pic - i'm tired and packing for sf and don't really know my way around a flash. click for a better view, but just in case it still sucks - here's what he wrote:

peace! justice!

to amy -

with hope for a world at peace and in balance...

best, bill ayers

glad you're at beacon!


  1. turns out i'm also arab. i'm doomed.

  2. sharon1:53 PM

    god yes. i was hoping you would snap or scan this. what would joe the plumber say? what would HELENE say?

  3. i know! i wonder if beacon has made some sort of official statement on it all? they do have a BLOGZ - we should check...


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